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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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need one more touch of the mild air, we get that for today. there's a cold front to your west and across the ohio valley. that brings a big time change as we get into the overnight hours tonight and into tomorrow. for now, light rain across parts of suburban and maryland. a few showers along the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. temperatures are already in the upper 40s to near 50. any sun at all today will make low to mid 60s. then a chance for snow by tuesday. all that with the seven-day coming up. >> afraid to see what's coming chuck. thanks. two teens are recovering after being shot outside a synagogue in prince george's county. this happened just before midnight on ridge road and greenbelt. news 4's molette green has been following the story all morning long. she joins us live right now. molette, at this point does it look like the teens were targeted? >> reporter: angie, we can't say that for sure right now. there's not enough information
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from the police to indicate that. i have been talking to people who live in this community throughout the morning hours here. they tell me this is relatively a safe place to live. greenbelt elementary school is just down the road here. one gentleman who came home last night saw the aftermath of all of this and said it was quite alarming because this neighborhood he says is safe. we just got this statement right here from someone from the synagogue saying they regret the incident and that the synagogue had no involvement in the incident. the synagogue -- in this statement the synagogue is saying they are now going to change its policy. they basically rented the facility to an outside group and now changing its policy no longer allowing outside groups to rent the space there. there was some sort of hip-hop party, neighbors tell me going on inside last night. we can tell you what happened from what neighbors and police
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tell us. the shooting happened about 100 feet away from the facility. a 16-year-old was shot in the shoulder. a 19-year-old took a pull let to the stomach. they were headed here police say, to the party when all of this happened. apparently these two witnessed some sort of altercation outside the building and then gunfire rang out, and that's when they were shot. one of the victims ran to the synagogue for help but at this time it does not appear police say, that there is not a connection between the synagogue and the shooting and the two victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries. they were not able to give police a description of the suspects in this case. that is the latest live from greenbelt, i'm molette green. back to you. >> glad the kids are okay. molette, thanks so much. we're learning more about the investigation into d.c.'s first murder of 2015. it happened around 4:00 a.m. on
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bruce place southeast yesterday morning. the victim is 35-year-old raji russ. detectives say someone shot and killed him. two masked men were seen running away from the scene after the shooting. police are offering a $25,000 reward for anyone with information into that murder. in the day ahead, we could learn more about a plane crash that killed four a 7-year-old girl survived and walked for help for her family. this small plane crashed friday night in kentucky. her parents, sister and cousin were killed in the crash. investigators say the pilot reported engine trouble, then lost contact with air traffic control. about an hour later a man called 911 to say a child had just knocked on his door bleeding and crying. she told him she walked away from the plane crash. >> 7-year-old you would have thought when she started through briar patches and got that first scratch, she would have headed back toward the plane, but she kept on coming. >> survivor. >> survivor. deserves a lot of credit.
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>> amazing. the little girl walked nearly a mile barefoot in 30-degree weather. she and her family are from illinois. they were flying home from florida when the plane went down. right now poor visibility is putting a hold on a search for airasia flight 8501. earlier today four bodies were pulled from the water bringing the total to 34 bodies recovered. search teams also retrieved one large piece of wreckage from the java sea, and teams are still black boxes and the main body of the aircraft. dive teams hope to get back into the water tomorrow to continue their search. >> north korea is calling the united states' latest sanctions groundless. this week the u.s. imposed new sanctions against the country's defense industry defending its role in the cyber attack against sony. in a statement today north korea's foreign ministry accused the united states of groundlessly stirring up hostility towards pyongyang. the north is still denying any role in the attack. in the week ahead former
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virginia governor bob mcdonnell willsentenced. this will happen on tuesday. federal prosecutors recommend a sentence of 10 to 12 years behind bars. mcdonnell's defense team wants no jail time. instead they're suggesting 6,000 hours of community service. in september a jury convicted mcdonnell on 11 federal corruption charges. his wife maureen will be sentenced separately. we have outlined the case for you. just go to and search mcdonnell. tomorrow the man accused in the boston marathon bombing will begin his trial as planned. jury selection will begin in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. he faces 30 charges connected to the april 2013 at the finish line. a federal judge turned down a defense request to have the trial moved out of boston. the defense argued it would be impossible for him to get a fair jury there. tsarnaev pleaded not guilty. in the week ahead, tomorrow the hyattsville city council will consider letting your 16-year-old vote in local elections. the council will hear public comments on the proposal during
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monday's council meeting. the idea is to increase voter turnout in the end. the public hearing begins tomorrow at 7:45 p.m. on tuesday a special election in the virginia house of del cats. democrat kathleen murphy and republican craig are running for the seat left vacant by barbara come stack's departure to congress. if you're thinking about slimming down for 2015 doreen gentzler has what you should avoid if you're thinking about a so-called detox diet. we know we just entered 2015. the battle for the white house begins now. what we're learning about the future field of candidates for president. you're waking up to a wet sunday. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck belichicking when you'll
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this week the 114th congress will gavel into session on tuesday. republicans will control both the house and the senate. kentucky schat tore mitch mcconnell will become the senate majority leader and nevada senator harry reid will become minority leader. republicans will have the majority in congress. however, they do not have the numbers needed to override a presidential veto. >> mike huckabee has ended one project which could mark the beginning of another. the former arkansas governor says he's leaving his fox news talk show. last night was huckabee's last show. fox news reports the republican will decide this spring if he'll run for president again. >> let the games begin, sflit. >> chuck todd says he's in. >> we'll talk with chuck little later the hour. first, we are just a few days into 2015 as i mentioned but just one year away mr. the iowa caucuses the new hampshire presidential primary. so not too far off. >> no. in national politics that's a nanosecond as you know. for the potential presidential
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candidates the 2016 battle for the white house begins right. kristen welker takes a look at the state of the race. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush was the proud father watching george t. wush his son get signed in as texas land commissioner. there are signs he's considering a race for the white house. earlier this week he resigned from all of his corporate and non-profit board positions after announcing on facebook last month he's actively exploring a bid. polls show bush is a prohibitive front-runner with names that include ted cruz rand paul and chris christie. just this week senator marco rubio from bush's home state of florida told npr he's still keeping his own options open. >> as far as speculating about whether two people from the same state can run, it's not unprecedented. >> for the democrats, all eyes are on hillary clinton. this week she teased her supporters with this e-mail titled announcement that turned
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out to be a fund-raising letter for her family's foundation. >> she said she was going to take some time off over the holidays and she actually did it. now it's january. people are waiting for her to do something. >> reporter: among those waiting, vice president joe biden, former virginia senator jim webw martin o'malley and bernie sanders. political analysts say clinton and bush have such name recognition, other candidates might be intimidated. on the other hand their connections past and present could become liabilities. >> everyone know whose hillary clinton. everyone thinks they know who jeb bush is. all that carries potential baggage. they have all kinds of things that because they are the front-runner front-runner make them the biggest target. >> while name recognition and money may give an advantage for clinton and bush wild cards are bound to shape the race economic fluctuations natural
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disasters and verbal gaffs. all the thangs that make every president campaign unique. >> a lot to watch. coming up on "meet the press," moderator chuck todd will discuss the latest republican gearing up for a 2016 run, d.c.'s new mayor mariel bowser will be on the show joined by police chief cathy lanier and school chancellor kaya henderson, all part of a segment called "the women who run washington" airing at 10:30. how low can you go? if you xould see this where you fill up any time soon. what's going on chuck sf. >> the big question is how low can we go for temperatures? it won't be cold today but by the end of the week we could have single digit and subzero windchills. hang on
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. ladies and gentlemen, the mall is now closed. you need to leave. >> that was the scene of police in indiana breaking up a mass sill brawl at a local mall. hundreds of teenagers got into a fight in castleton on the northeast side of indianapolis. witnesses describe a frightening seen as crowds of shoppers evacuated the mall. once outside, there were more problems when witnesses say someone started shooting. police say no one was hurt and they didn't find any bullet
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casings. take a look at this low price for gas, we found $1.52 a gallon near indianapolis. aaa says the average cost could drop another ten cents by the end of the month. you shouldn't drive to indianapolis to get the $1.52 glags. you might lose the return on investment. >> people are reporting in some parts of virginia under $2.00. >> i saw it $1.98 on the way to southern virginia. as many of you head back to work and school you'll notice prices at the pump are nice and slow. >> compared to this time last year gas prices are down more than a dollar. 38 states are seeing gas prices for less than two bucks a gallon. oil and gas analysts say it's unchalterred territory. saudi arabia spuming oil to drive down prices and drive out competitors. the aspect of this that we've never witnessed before is
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gas prices plunging even as the economy is still chugging. right now aaa reports the average in the district is $2.63 a gallon for regular. maryland we're looking at $2.39. 2:13 in virginia. at least two tornadoes swept through parts of mississippi this weekend. take a look. they left significant damage in their paths throughout several counties. a couple of mobile homes were destroyed and blown into the woods. the jasper county sheriff says no one was home at the time the tornadoes hit. heavy rain also causing problems right now. the national weather service has issued flash flood watches throughout much of the south and central mississippi. wild weather there. is that coming our way? >> you bet. absolutely. any time you have -- mother nature doesn't really like imbalance at all. today we'll be some 20 degrees warmer than average. ha is out of whack, so to speak. as a result you should be ready for the pendulum to come swinging back in the other
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direction. by the time we get to tuesday morning, we won't be talking about 60s. we'll be talking about snow chances around here. so be ready. winter is on the way, no matter how mild it feels outside right now, cold air is coming. here is good nurks you guys. you always have to have a little good news. the sunsets continuing to get later and later. starting tomorrow, tomorrow the sun sets at 5:00. on march 1st we get the sunset back to 6:00. then daylight savings time. by march 8th sunsets at seven. and 8:00 or later into the month of august. we're adding daylight onto our cold days for now. it's 50 degrees, cloudy. still light rain and drizzle around the washington area. keep in mind our average high is only 43. we're also in plus territory. what you need today, no heavy coat. you will neat your jacket 40s
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and 50s. there are still lingering sprinkles in howard county, moving valley. down the spine of the appalachians heavy weather from atlanta down into florida. if you're heading down to the sunshine state, plan on a pum pi arrival. there's snow across chicago and parts of michigan that's ahead of the cold front that's about nine to ten hours away from making it onto the i-94 corridor. ahead of the front, a big push will cause temperatures to jump into the low perhaps even the mid 60s depending on how much sunshine we can get. the overall impact on the day to day, it will be moderate mainly for the rain showers this morning, turning breezy and mild this afternoon before things start to turn much colder. it's 41 in hagerstown but already 50 in culpepper and fredricksburg. 53 in st. mary's county now. these temperatures are already
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ten to 20 degrees warmer than we were at the same time yesterday. the trend is our friend. trending upward into the 60s i think for later this afternoon. here is future weather now. there's the showers around by 10:00 this morning. 11:00 a.m., showers starting to taper off. we'll have a few dry hours between 12:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. that's when we be able to make it into the 60s. it might be able to ring out one or two more showers, primarily into southern maryland. but nonetheless could still see a sprinkle here. it won't be near as much rain as we've coped with so far today. cold and breezy by tomorrow morning. sunny and cold tomorrow with temperatures struggling to make 40 degrees for a high tomorrow. clouds come back in on monday night. by tuesday morning, there may be a possibility anyway of an inch of snow as close by as parts of northern montgomery county and northern fairfax county. here is your seven day. 60s today.
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near 40 tomorrow. chance of snow around on tuesday. no major storm but it could be impactful because it could impact the tuesday morning rush. then extra cold air. lows into the single digits and teens by thursday and friday with subzero windchills. enjoy today. >> thanks chuck. before you decide the try the detox diet we break down what's fact and
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more and more americans are leaving the country when it comes time to retire. ecuador is quickly becoming a popular place to spend one's golden years t. country got nearly a perfect score from international living magazine on its best places in the world to retire. four of the top five destinations were in latin america. good weather and cheaper cost of living a huge draw for retirees. those same countries scored low for health care and infrastructure. it's the new year. everyone is thinking about die et cetera. detox die et cetera they promise all sorts of remedies. they say they're going to get rid of excess calories even help you shed pounds. that may sound good after all the holiday eating these die et cetera can involve eliminating all solid foods and drinking just liquids for days. before you put yourself through that news 4's doreen gentzler separates the fact from fiction. >> no refined sugar. >> no oils no dairy.
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>> reporter: for 30 days these women turned their die et cetera upside down eliminated all processed foods along with animal products and fats. they say it was part of a detox diet. >> i wanted to make sure in addition to eating healthier, i was getting all that bad stuff out of my stims. >> reporter: the women found their diet plan at whole foods market in northwest washington part of the store ice healthy eating challenge led by ebeth johnson. >> detoxing is something our body does all along. we can help our bodies along by choosing the right foods. >> reporter: she encourages pris paints to eliminate refined sugars flours dairy, oil and restrict their meat intake to about three ounces a week. >> clearing out your system giving yourself a chance to reset and recalibrate. >> reporter: they say they feel lighter more more energized.
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nutrition experts warn other types of detox die et cetera especially strictly liquid can leave you feeling quite the opposite. >> there's no evidence to indicate that it benefits the body in any way. frankly the risks outweigh any type of benefit. >> reporter: detox die et cetera can lead to low blood sugar. that can cause headaches, lethargy and trouble concentrating. >> you may have palpitations because you'reaffect balance. some folks feel not too happy and irritable because you're not eating. >> reporter: she says the liver and kidneys help the body detox naturally and there's no physical need to do it on your own through liquid die et cetera. johnson says that doesn't account for people who drink too much calf foochb and don't get enough sleep. >> i think that were true if we were all in an ide we're eating what we need to be eating.
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we need to give our bodies a rest and a break and help facilitate that detoxifying process by giving ourselves healthy food. >> reporter: doreen gentzler news 4. >> if you have questions about your health we invite you to come out to the nbc4 health and fitness expo. it begins january 10th at the convention center. our interview with ted lee opinions is coming up from his success on the courts and the ice. enjoy the spring-like warmth we're getting today. it's going to get cold, talking single digit temperatures. chuck is tracking all that.
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in today's top stories, two teenagers were shot outside a synagogue. it happened before midnight on ridge road in greenbelt. police don't believe the teens or the synagogue were the intended targets. police arrested a 35-year-old man in connection with a stabbing in the district. joseph johnson is charged with assault with intent to kill. he's accused of stabbing a man outside the popular zanzibar club on 189th street northwest in the foggy bottom area. police temporarily closed down that club. the time right now, 9:30 on the dot. time for a check on the
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forecast. loving this milder air moving in. >> milder air is coming in. chuck is outside on the weather deck. what's it like out there? >> you're both right. both fairly mild and extremely gray. the rain has stopped. i've been hit by several very large drops coming off the tree branch over my head. i have the um bella out here. it stopped raining at least temporarily. the view across the area all gray here in washington. the view from reston town center towards dulles you can make out the air traffic control tower. but it's awfully cloudy out there. more rain across the shenandoah valley down towards culpepper and rappahannock counties. we aren't quite done with our rain chances just yet. may want to have the umbrella and a light jacket just to be on the safe side this morning. temperatures are already in bonus territory, mid to upper 40s, already 50 at reagan national airport. there's reagan right there. temperatures through the rest of the day, about 51 with off and on showers by 10:00. rain coming to an end around
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lunchtime. turning breezy and mild. it's a south wind today. that will mean temperatures in the 60s. enjoy it from rainy to mild today, chance of snow on tuesday, the coldest air of the season and subzero windchills before the week is through. detail more about all that with your seven-day forecast. but for now, back in to you. >> this morning police in maryland are on alert following a threat written on a sign. take a look. someone wrote kill cops signed by the vigilante. this happened outside the foxfire apartments in laurel. officers posted the picture on their facebook page to warn others. a lot of police departments had been on edge since two new york city officers were shot and killed in their squad car. right now at 9:32 the nypd family is saying a final good-bye to one of their own. a live picture outside the funeral for detective wenjian liu in brooklyn.
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buddhist monks will lead a chinese ceremony for liu. that will be followed by a traditional police ceremony. nbc's john wang has more on the wake. >> in the cold rain and snow they came by the hundreds to honor a fallen off serts, new york police detective wenjian liu. in force, his brothers and sisters in blue. jetblue jetblue flew more than 1100 police from as far away as california. >> it doesn't matter if you're in the south, midwest, west coast, here. >> show respect for the officers that we lost. >> reporter: members of liu's family traveled from china, also flying free. his wife of only a few months spoke to reporters two days after he and his partner rafael ramos were brutally gunned down as they sat in their patrol car in brooklyn's bedford stiverson neighborhood. >> we will stand together and get through this together. >> reporter: also attending, the
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new yorkers liu and ramos helped protect and serve. >> i just felt that he had given his life for the city so he deserves to be recognized. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill deblasio and police commissioner bill bratton arrived together and were greeted by absolute from some officers. last week when deblasio eulogized ramos, hundreds of officers watching a big screen outside turned their backs. even before the protest ever eric garner's death and complaints by officers that deblasio didn't lend enough support to police there had been tensions between the police and the mayor. deblasio was elected on the pledge to end the practice known as stop and frisk. some say relations have been further strained by contentious contract negotiations. on friday bratton said they're bound by the tradition, honor and decency that go with the profession. not threatening discipline he said a hero's funeral is about
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grieving not grievance, hoping to head off a repeat of last week's silent protest that's final farewell to detective liu. john yang, nbc news, new york. this man is siltion behind bars for trying to drive into a deputy's cruiser. the loudoun county sheriff's department says jake degeronimo broke into a woman's home assaulted her, stole her car and during the getaway tried to 2kr50i6 into a deputy's cruiser. the deputy is on routine administrative leave. today we could hear more from the capitol heights council member who was arrested. friday night a prince george kournity police officer stopped elaine scott williams for a minor traffic violation. during the stop the officer learned she was driving on a suspended license. scott williams was also wanted for failing to appear in court for a prior traffic violation since she was arrested but has since been released.
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this morning a second d.c. club in foggy bottom is shut down following a stabbing. one man was stand out side the zanzibar nightclub a week after five people were stand just a few blocks away. news 4's derrick ward has our report. >> the scene just after 1:00 a.m. saturday a fight had broken out between two men at an event t zanzibar on 19th street northwest. one of the men was stabbed, his condition unknown. police soon arrested 35-year-old joseph ricardo johnson of northeast 2k6789 c. and charged him with assault with intent to kill. by saturday evening police officially declared the restaurant temporarily closed just like an establishment a few blocks off pennsylvania avenue mcfadden's. on december 27 five people were stabbed here after a brawl. this facility was also shut down pending a hearing. police have pictures of two men they're calling persons of interest in the mcfadden's multiple stabbing. police say the zanzibar and heritage india will both remain closed for 96 hours while the
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regulatory agency can review what goes on here to determine if that closure needs to be extended. in northwest, derrick ward, nice 4. today an american health worker who may have ebola will arrive in the u.s. the worker was exposed while treating people in sierra leone. the patient is being sent to the center in nebraska. the patient will be under observation in the same room used for treatment on the first three ebola patients. in the week ahead, washington national's outfielder jayson werth will appeal his reckless driving condition vicks. last week he was sentenced to ten days in jail. back in july a virginia state trooper clocked his porsche going more than 100 miles an hour on the belt way. the judge also suspended his license for six months and hit him with a $1,000 fine. tomorrow fred smoot expected to go on trial, accused of domestic assault against his
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girlfriend valerie jackson. since august she's posted instagram pictures. smooth's lawyer claims jackson is upset that the 35-year-old broke off their relationship. smooth is suspended from comcastsportsnet which is owned by the same company as nbc4. all greek life on the campus at the university of virginia could pick back up this week. all fraternities and sororities were suspended back in november. president theresa sullivan suspended the organizations after a 2012 alleged sexual assault incident was highlighted in that "rolling stone" article. even though claims in that article have come into question for not being true president sullivan kept the suspension in place saying the university is working to reform its party culture and improve safety. from his friendly wager to his plans for the future ted leonsis goes one-on-one with oun own jim vants. he says the one thing he wants
9:39 am
to do to unite the city of d.c. and the country. this picture of a d.c. streetcar t-borning a car. what the retreats would mean for the official rollout of the fleet. things are busy in the storm team 4 weather center. you're in for rain sun, single digit temperatures, snow
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there's been yet another setback for d.c. street cars. this is a photo circulating on social media. it shows a streetcar that t-boned a vehicle yesterday near sixth and eighth streets northwest. this comes just a few days after d.c. leaders pushed back the opening of the streetcar system until january 19th. the spokesperson says the accident will not affect the opening date. things can get backed up tomorrow morning at the woodley park metro station. twoesque laters are bgsz taken out of service. crews will shut down theesque
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laters to begin placing them. they plan to replace more than 130 of the oldestesque laters. they'll get six new ones over the next three years. four of them will stay in service. it's been a great year for wednesday's child. we've seen several children featured right here find forever homes. >> some kids start the new year still waiting for families. barbara harrison takes a look at their cases. >> reporter: over the last year we've introduced you to a lot of kids looking for permanent, loving homes. >> this is tor johnson. >> james, nice to meet you. >> welcome. >> hi. >> good morning. >> i want you to meet will. >> we want you to met kreshana. >> while many of our children have 230u7bd homes over the last year. >> i'm jeff. of course you know terrence. >> some have not been so lucky, at least not yet, like terrence
9:43 am
who has developmental challenges but having some hearing ability, music and encouraging words for people who would love him could mean a lot. >> thank god my sister and my brother did not go through the stuff i went through. >> will's siblings were adopted. when it didn't happen for him when he was younger, he thought he didn't care. >> i changed, and i think i want a family now. >> with william, he very much still wants and desires a family and for that close family unit. >> reporter: social workers who know the kids best say they all would benefit greatly from lo can't put that into words. >> i want to learn how to cook more. >> so you would like a family that likes to cook? >> yes. >> how long have you been in foster care? >> since i was i would say 6 or 7. >> reporter: they all have been waiting too long to go home home to a place where they can find love. maybe 2015 will be their lucky
9:44 am
year. barbara harrison news 4, for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for the children that are still waiting to find a home call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on it is a growing trend that could even pop up in the district. cat cafes. why some say it's a pur-fect combination. i didn't write that. >> there's no weather play on that one. >> that was sarah. that wasn't me. >> that's an angie's special. what the special special is an
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caps owner ted leonsis is hoping for a successful year. >> our jim vants sat down with leonsis to talk about the future. >> a good long window for some good guys. the vets baxter green and others. are these the guys that soon are going to have you hoisting that cup? >> we're adding some young kids into the lineup. what we're hoping happens is that that core that now is in there late 20s, with the new kids coming up that maybe that
9:48 am
gets us over the hump. i like the way we're playing. i like the new system. i think our new coach and general manager are working very very well. they still have high hopes for this team. >> let's talk about you as a team for a second. the wizards are just playing lights out these days. they won the first round in the play-offs last year. what in your mind would be a good season for them this year? >> well the players already have challenged them and me that if we go to the finals that i have to get a mohawk. i would do that in front of the fans. i said maybe we'll get other fans to do it and charge them and raise some money for a charity. >> i'd pay for that ted. >> but they have a lot of confidence right the lights have gone on and i'm so happy for our fan base. this is the greatest basketball
9:49 am
city i believe in the country. we have so much talented they love the game so much. mr. poland brought the city a championship back in the day. i know if we can build a great team that the community is proud of and win a ring we'll own the town. >> are you having fun? when you wake up in the morning, are you, like boy, i'm glad i'm me? >> i don't want to say i'm glad i'm me. but i think washington, d.c. is the greatest city on earth. i feel happy and blessed to be living in the city and have these platforms, verizon center three sports teams, hopefully the ability to bring the olympics here. nothing would unite this community and this country more than bringing the olympics here. so yeah i wake up with a smile on my face but we are
9:50 am
determined to be able to pay it forward and give back and that's why i do think bringing the olympics here and using sport for positive change would be great. >> the wizards are absolutely the best team in town right now. >> absolutely. >> they are fun to watch. >> you're down with the mohawk. if they make to it the finals you're center court getting a mohawk. >> don't cut it just yet. we'll need long hair to vooif the week. the rest of the week it will look and field a whole lot more like winter. not too terribly cold outside right now. we're not going to complain about that. storm team 4 radar showing showers north of gaithersburg. leesburg is getting showers. love it still, some drizzle. warrenton and manassas light
9:51 am
rain right now. there's another batch of rain down here south of rappahannock and luray. it's breaking up as it comes northbound wouldn't be as much rain as what we saw during the overnight hours. i can't give you the all dry signal just yet. the weather front is going to bring the cold air back into play is just now leaving the state of ohio entering western pennsylvania and western parts of west virginia. you'll notice when it gets here tonight about 6:00 7:00 8:00 the winds will shift and temperatures will drop quickly. bad weather across parts of the deep south today and down into florida as well. if you're flying in that direction, be ready for a stormy flight. otherwise, here in town 50 degrees with cloud cover here in washington. 54 in winchester. the warmer air is aloft and just out to our west. look how much warmer it is to our west not just 54 in winchester but 58 in stanton and harrisburg and almost 60 degrees in petersburg, west virginia right now.
9:52 am
temperatures almost 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. here is the way your sunday is shaping up. mild and breezy lingering showers through 12:00, 1:00. most of us should be dry by then. mild and breezy into the low 60s this afternoon, maybe the low 60s if we get a little sunshine. by later this evening, cool breezy and chilly. temperatures back into the 40s by 11:00 p.m. and 30s when you wake up tomorrow morning. future weather, cloudy skies. the nice patch of rain breaking up. the clouds will remain fairly thick through the rest of the morning and into the afternoon, thin out just a bit. as the cold front comes by about 6:00 7:00 8:00 could ring out one or two showers, priorly into southern maryland to the eastern shore. everybody drys out an clears out overnight. breezy and cold in the morning. teens and 20s for windchills tomorrow morning. that will be cold for sure. sunny and chilly through the course of the day tomorrow. as you get into monday night, tuesday, that's when things get
9:53 am
more interesting. 11:00 monday night, clouds coming back into the region. by pre dawn hours tuesday morning, this is an alberta clipper coming our way. it's not going to be a major storm. it's the timing of the snowflakes that could cause the most trouble. there's 4:00 in the morning, 8:00 tuesday morning through about lunchtime. best chances for snow will be in northern maryland and southern pennsylvania we could get an inch of snow here in town. be ong the lookout for that. it's all cold from there on out for the rest of the week. here is your seven-day. 60s today, only near 40 tomorrow. 30s with a chance of snow tuesday morning, windy and real cold wednesday, thursday and friday. single digits and t
9:54 am
9:55 am
at perdue, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between.
9:56 am
that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. welcome back. we now have a story for all your pet lovers out there. there's a new trend when it comes to our four-legged friends. >> keep your opinions to yourself. cat cafes are popping up around the world. nbc's keir simmons reports. >> reporter: they're clever, cats. can any cat ever have been as cunning as these furry divas who persuaded folks to give them their own cafe in new york where you can fall in love and take home one of the dozen cats, all of them previously abandoned or homeless. >> at least get your cat in a couple days. that's your cat. you get to play and fall in love
9:57 am
with a cat. >> reporter: just this week three cats were picked for adoption. there's now a cat cafe in vienna, too, and here in east london where it's felines first. you can come here for a cup of coffee or tea, be shh, it's nap time. come in, pull up a chair. i've been sent on easier interviews. >> hello. >> reporter: these days pets are not always possible if you live in a city apartment. perhaps that's why these cafes are so popular among humans. >> what are you having? coffee? no. >> reporter: it is run in principle by a human. >> something nice about the company of animals. it's very uncomplicated. >> reporter: there's no doubt who is in charge. >> make sure that your flash is off. cats do need 18 hours of sleep every day. >> reporter: 20,000 animal lovers have booked. >> it's nice. they're walking all over there.
9:58 am
>> somewhere to share our cat passion. >> reporter: if you make it along, fair warning -- >> sorry. what did i say? >> reporter: do your best not to upset the locals. keir simmons, nbc news, london. we have sad news to report. stuart scott, long-time anchor at espn died this morning at the age of 49. >> espn has released a statement. we are going to have more in our next half hour. but he was a mainstay there at espn. he was with them for more than 21 years, recently publicly said you beat cancer by how you live why you live and the manner in which you live. we know he lived it well. always had such a positive attitude. this is such a huge loss, not only for sports broadcasting but broadcasting at large. >> very recognizable guy. was battling cancer. more on that coming up.
9:59 am
time right now 9:59. newly elected mayor of d.c. muriel bowser will be in studio joining us. >> we'll ask her one-on-one what we can expect during her first days on the job. now a live look outside where it's been steadily raining since last night. relief is in sight, though. chuck will tell you when. >> reporter: a late night shooting as a close-knit greenbelt community shaken this morning as two teenagers recover from gunshot wounds. i'm molette gr
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